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Paint Curing


Powder paint curing

Products with thick walls or different wall thickness have for a long time been difficult to cure with an even quality.

The combi-oven concept makes it possible to process components with a great variety of wall thickness. The components are fully covered without any gloss or colour changes.

ImageWet paint curing

The latest wet paint applications are water based paints, e.g. Electrophoretic (ED), which are more environment friendly in comparison with earlier systems.

As it is more difficult to dry off water than  solvents, the demands on the drying/curing equipment are increasing.

To meet these demands IUT have developed the following concepts:

  • High speed air convection ovens (HS)
  • Combi-ovens (Patented)

Both concepts are designed for high speed air resulting in increased energy transfer and more accurate temperature control compared to conventional systems.

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